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New Moon Circles

A Howl To Women Who Hear The Calling

“Together, with hands at each other’s backs, and love in our hearts, we can birth a courageous new world into being! And so it is.”

-Anisa Asad

Each one of us is on a journey that is unique and deeply personal, yet we are not meant to travel the path on our own. By means of relationship and community, we feel a sense of belonging and our journeys are made meaningful, also, it is said that what is sharable is bearable. As a woman on the journey, this has been my experience and I feel passionate about offering women a safe space to gather, connect, and rise together.

New moon circles are intentionally crafted to be a safe and non-judgmental space of compassionate witnessing in which women are invited to explore their inner wisdom, Rekindle, nurture and honor the connection with the feminine energy within.

As we gather we co-create a sensuous sacred space that allows women to shine bright, be empowered, embrace their imperfections and do it all unapologetically! Gathering in a circle at the new moon creates fertile ground for women to do the work they are called to do, whether that be recognizing and releasing that which does not serve anymore or remembering their way back home to themselves.

Through ritual, holding compassionate space for what arises, guided visualization & storytelling, the circle illuminates what is divine within each of us and cultivates a sense of belonging. My prayer is that when we close the circle we each feel energized by and grounded in what we have discovered.

It is said that each time women gather in a circle with one another, the world heals a little more. And so, together, with hands at each other’s backs, and love in our hearts, we can birth a courageous new world into being! And so it is!


Elicit Your Essence New Moon Circles Are A Manifestation Of The Wild Women Project

To Visit the Wild Woman Project

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When the moon is new, it’s an incredible opportunity to embrace the deep flow of feminine energy within. In a new moon circle with Elicit Your Essence, you’ll plug into the world’s profound rhythms and learn to ebb and flow according to your beautiful design. Enter our safe space, dive into our guided visualizations, and get to know the divine within you. You’ll find the rest of your life is richer and more empowered because you truly know yourself.

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