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Love Notes

"She is Kind, patient, and confident."

Anisa was my doula in 2015 and helped me through the birth of my youngest. After a traumatic c-section with my first child, I was advised by everyone to have Anisa as my doula. She is kind, patient, and confident. She knew all the hospital staff and they respected her. I felt so safe with her being with me and aiding me in the birth. Now, when I look back, I only have fond memories of my birthing experience, which I realize now is a source of a lot of trauma for some women. But with Anisa, I can say the birth of Ali was one of the most wonderful experiences of my life and I know it was because of Anisa’s efforts sticking by my side for over 12 hours! Thank you, Anisa, I will forever be grateful.

— Fatima J., Bahrain

I highly recommend Anisa as a doula. I am beyond satisfied with her support, resourcefulness, and kindness. It was very good to have a voice of calm and reason when things got emotional so that I kept myself centered. She has a very calming and supportive energy about her.

— Majda A., Bahrain

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"Anisa made it such a joyous 
and memorable experience... "

Deciding on a doula was the best decision we made. Thank you so much Anisa for being there to guide me, support me, and ease the pain. You also made sure that my birth plan was being followed and put my comfort first. You made it such a joyous and memorable experience, and I would recommend you in a heartbeat.

— Bedoor K., Bahrain

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For my firstborn, my birthing plan did not include a birthing doula! But, I could thankfully say that Anisa, a dear friend of mine, accidentally fell into place as my birthing doula when the time came. Anisa was amazing — she was calm, patient, and supportive. She helped me with my breathing technique, was a great mediator with the nurses, and quickly understood what I needed and what was important to me during this journey. She was by my side the whole time. I am truly grateful to her for her commitment to supporting me through labor, and for making my first experience a great one. I would highly recommend her as a Doula, as she was very well experienced, understanding, and extremely patient. 

— Maha Khalid, Bahrain

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