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Ecstatic Birth Keeper
& Doula

Support, Holding & Connection from Conception, through Pregnancy, Birth & Beyond
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Mabrook & Congratulations!

A deep bow of respect and admiration as I offer my blessings and celebration for the journey you have embarked on: the co-creation of the miracle of life! You may have just started to contemplate conception, or you may be well into the gestation of your little one(s); either way this is a time of great change and challenge.  I honor where you are on your journey and am delighted that you found your way to this space where you can explore who I am, what I am and why I am ecstatically passionate about holding space for all that unfolds along the way.

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My Journey

When I started my higher studies 20 years ago in early childhood in Ireland, I knew that working alongside families to support the growth of young children was what I wanted to do. I had found my calling!

After graduating as a Child Development Specialist and starting my own family, I discovered a new dimension to my life's work: motherhood and birth. In preparation for my first birth in 2003, I studied books by authors who were leading movements that granted women the power of choice in birth. I informed myself with books by Dr. Yehudi Gordon, Grantly Dick-Read, Maria Mongan of Hypnobirthing, and Janet Balask of Active Birth.

After experiencing another three of my own births; the last being a HBA2C (home birth after two cesareans) with a midwife and doula I found myself passionately wanting to offer the same support I had received to other women during this phenomenal initiatory experience.

"Birth is not only about making babies. Birth is about making mothers- strong, competent, capable mothers who trust themselves and know their inner strength."

Barbara Katz Rothman

I made the decision to train to become a doula and completed a formal training with Paramana Doula U.K. led by Dr. Michel Odent and Liliana Lammers and my professional doula journey began. I am honored to journey alongside women through their pregnancies and births and feel a deep and burning passion to support them with the experiences and knowledge I have to experience an empowered and positive birth, whatever the looks like.


I believe birth can be one of the most empowering, transformative, and potentially pleasurable events in a woman's life. I believe that women can experience joy and satisfaction during the journey of labor and that the perinatal and childbirth experience is a gateway of empowerment for women, and a significant right of passage on their journey into motherhood.

My own experiences in child development, pregnancy, birth, motherhood and parenting have driven my deep desire to share evidence-based knowledge and experiential support that empowers and guides. 

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What is an Ecstatic Birth Keeper?

As an Ecstatic Birth Keeper I hold sacred space for women as they discover the wisdom of surrender to the physiological nature of birth and life.  I journey alongside them as they wonder, imagine, question and essentially feel the fullness and potency of their essence: pure potent love power.

I offer safe & trauma informed opportunities for women to rekindle their relationship to their body and to become their own creative healing force.  As women surrender to trusting the body, and create the perfect conditions for their consciousness to shift, their capacity to claim their power and authority grows and they birth in the way they desire.


The journey of conception, pregnancy, birth and motherhood holds within it a portal to an experience of initiation through pleasure and bliss.  It is my desire that the holding that I offer women will support them to embody from the sacred experience of birth what their whole being desires and needs.

A Birth Keeper "keeps" the power with the birthing woman and guards that it is she who makes the informed decisions about how the birth will be.  This means the woman is the authority over her own experience and that ultimately, no matter how the birth “plays” out,  she feels safe, witnessed in love and honored as through her she births a precious, potent miracle into this world.


Birth Your Way Project

In the making! A unique opportunity to expand our awareness in the area of conscious conception, childbirth, and parenthood. Through virtual connection, mentoring, and sharing we can together join minds and hearts in the paradigm shift to a healthier, happier, and safer reality for all families and our children.

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