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  About Anisa  


Anisa continued her studies in Early Education and Development at NOVA in Virginia and then graduated with a BA in Child Development from Concordia University in St. Paul, Minnesota.

She is married to her lifelong friend, the guy she dated in high school, and together they are parents to four wonderful children, who have spent the last 8 years learning through living, connecting, and playing outside of any traditional education system.

Over the past 20 years Anisa has ventured into many unknowns, but none as mysterious and beautiful as the journey of her own self-discovery. As life unfolded and offered a myriad of opportunities to peel back the layers, she has only ever wished for one thing; to be awakened to love by this thing we call life. And so, along the way she has learned from teachers, opened her heart to mentors, learned to trust, and gathered many tools to aid her in this ever-evolving journey.

The meaning of the name Anisa in Arabic is companion and faithful friend, and true to her name, Anisa believes we all need a companion at one time or another as we travel along our journey. Sometimes we need a tribe, a circle, to hold us as we discover only what we can discover for ourselves.

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