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Elicit Your Essence

Enriched by an array of formal training as well as personal experience, Anisa creates a safe, inclusive environment where women can express life’s most impactful moments on their terms. With the wholehearted support of a knowledgeable and experienced ally, Anisa’s nurturing, compassionate support and profound insight create a space where you can embrace life's cycles, learn the healing power of holding space, understand how your body, mind & soul connect, experience the transformative power of childbirth, welcome motherhood with courage and compassion and thrive on your terms. With an incredible combination of experience, skill, and a passion for empowerment, Anisa invites to Elicit Your Essence!

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Image by Xuan Nguyen
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About Me

Anisa grew up in Bahrain, a small island in the Arabian Gulf, with her Irish mother, Persian father, and brother. She completed studies in child care and early education in Ireland and worked with families there, caring for babies and toddlers both in family homes and at creches.

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Ecstatic Birth Keeper & Doula

Congratulations! This is a miraculous time for you, your baby, and your family and I would be honored to be part of it.

My role as a birth keeper is to provide you, the birthing mother, with the support, information, and the presence you need to birth the way you want to. I hold space for you with radical acceptance of what you envision your birth to be so you may fully embrace it.

Drawing on my knowledge and experience, I will be focused on your needs and desires so that you have a safe and satisfying birth experience. By providing physical comfort, emotional support, and sharing evidence-based knowledge that you may need to make informed decisions as they arise during your pregnancy and birth, I strive to keep the attention and focus on you.

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New Moon Circles

I invite you to join us as we reflect, explore and connect under the new moon. We gather to rekindle the connection with the sacred feminine and remember the wild woman energy that lives within. Through ritual, guided visualization and holding compassionate space for what arises, we will illuminate what is divine within each of us and cultivate a sense of belonging.

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